Kansas City Copywriter


Hello, I'm Ericka! 

I'm a copywriter living and working in Kansas City.

This is what I look like.

Cover Photo.jpg

I first knew I wanted to be a writer when...

...I was thirteen. At the time, I felt very strongly that I should be a Disney Channel star, so I went to drama camp, auditioned for community theatre and tried to absorb Hilary Duff's charisma through the T.V. Feeling that my acting career wasn't progressing fast enough, I began writing screenplays, paying particular attention to the roles I wanted to play. 

Flash forward to Rockhurst University where I began to hone my writing skills through research papers, literary magazine submissions and an eye-opening internship at Andrews McMeel Publishing. In the publishing world, I learned how to use my words to encourage others to take action.

Adaptability has been my focus after college. I love the challenge of writing in different voices. I've written hyper-technical press releases for Assurant Employee Benefits, Kansas-City-centered articles for KC Magazine and, yes, I once taught law students proper grammar usage with a Jay-Z-and-Beyoncé-inspired worksheet.

Now, I write emails, mailers, product names and other print and digital pieces for Beauty Brands, where I've learned how to keep copy succinct without sacrificing excitement and collected a huge pile of beauty products.