Kansas City Copywriter


Hello, I'm Ericka! 

I'm a copywriter living and working in Kansas City.

This is what I look like.

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I first knew I wanted to be a writer when ...

... I was thirteen. At the time, I felt very strongly that I should be a Disney Channel star, so I went to drama camp, auditioned for community theatre and tried to absorb Hilary Duff's charisma through the T.V. Feeling that my acting career wasn't progressing fast enough, I began writing screenplays, paying particular attention to the roles I wanted to play. 

Fast forward to Rockhurst University where I began to hone my writing skills through research papers, literary magazine submissions and an eye-opening internship at Andrews McMeel Publishing. In the publishing world, I learned how to use my words to encourage others to take action.

Adaptability has been my focus after college. I love the challenge of writing in different voices. I've written hyper-technical press releases for Assurant Employee Benefits, Kansas-City-centered articles for KC Magazine and I once taught law students proper grammar usage with a Jay-Z-and-Beyoncé-themed worksheet.

In recent years, I’ve written emails, mailers, product names and other print and digital pieces for Beauty Brands (collecting a closet full of beauty products along the way). Writing in the beauty industry, which is often wrought with lingo and jargon, taught me to keep copy succinct without sacrificing excitement. Now, I work for UBM Animal Care promoting an exciting continuing education conference (Fetch) for veterinary professionals.